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Can I just tell you how happy (elated, actually!) I am that you will be joining the party? There truly are no words. Congratulations for committing to an evening in your honor.


When I set out to do this, I trusted the greater forces would create a magnetic field to draw in the most magnificent and beautifully *brilliant* souls that I could possibly imagine. And here *you* are. Just wow!! It will be my absolute HONOR to facilitate this intensive workshop and provide the space for you to open up possibilities for yourself. The timing is perfect.


Here are your next important steps:


1. Join the private Facebook Group. It's Brand New! You just may be the very first guest to arrive. There, you will find the time and date of our Intensive Workshop (my sneaky way of making sure you join the group :))


 2. Once there, create a post and introduce yourself. Tell us who you are, where you're from and why you joined. Video is preferred. You can do it!! But if you're not quite ready, it's ok. Please write it instead. This is a PRIVATE group. You can only get in if you signed up. It's a safe space for you to just be yourself.


 3. Choose at least 2 people and comment on their posts. Welcome them, say genuine & encouraging things, and offer love. Remember-this is the no judgement zone! We're all here to grow, experiment, and transform.


 4. Get ready to do some serious releasing and unleashing!!

This exact text will be sent to you via email, but in the spirit of making sure you have access right away, I've brought you here :)


Thank you with all my heart.


Sending all my love and inspiration your way! I will see you in the Facebook Group!

Gina Graves


ps-here's a free gift if you haven't heard about it yet. It's a 3-Part Series on Perfectionism, Flow State, and Self-Doubt.

Password - LovelyYou


 Coming soon...YOUR BEAUTIFUL PATH TO CONFIDENCE- 21 Day Experiential Journey to a Sparkling New You. Stay tuned for details and prizes and scholarships!


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