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Board Certified
Transformational Coach


"When I see potential in someone, every part of me comes alive and I must do everything in my power to help them actualize that potential."


  Gina Graves is driven by a profound purpose: to empower individuals who consistently battle feelings of defeat as they navigate their journey towards realizing their highest potential. With her unique approach and unwavering dedication, Gina becomes a trusted ally and catalyst,  guiding individuals to overcome obstacles and soar to new heights of achievement. Drawing upon a rich background of over 30 years of experience performing, recording, composing, and teaching music, Gina has cultivated a unique perspective enabling her to guide individuals towards confidently taking center stage in their personal journeys. Certified in the most innovative and extensive training in personal development strategies available, Gina can see beyond the scope of what her clients deem possible for themselves and with their active participation, escorts them to the highest ground they can imagine. Highly intuitive, sensitive, creative, and authentic in her approach, she creates a warm and inviting environment in which her clients can beautifully experience the most capable parts of themselves. In turn, possibilities come alive as they learn to appreciate their value and rightful place in the world.

Gina's greatest and most important teacher, Dr. John Snyder, has trained her in the most powerful and effective ways of healthy relating and communicating. Through her work with Dr. Snyder, she has developed an understanding of what fairness and healthy relating truly are and how one can intentionally create a supportive environment in which to thrive. 

Along with exceeding all essential certifications and training, Gina has personally overcome many serious challenges in life, giving her the hands-on experience, insight, sensitivity, and understanding required to help countless others do the same. Through shackling shyness, perfectionism, stage fright, tragedy, profound loss, rejection, a brush with death itself, and the whole gamut of challenging human conditions and emotions that can create feelings of instability and suffering, she has relentlessly pursued and discovered there is, indeed, a better way. "The process is continual, and we never stop learning and becoming. We can be free if we simply choose it and allow ourselves. Life is precious-each and every moment and experience. We can learn to have a profound respect and appreciation for everything that comes our way."

Although Gina's professional focus began in music, her philosophies in coaching are not limited to musicians and artists. She welcomes all who have the desire to reach deeper within themselves and become all they are meant to become. Men-yes, you are welcome too!! 

Gina lives in Wilmington, DE with her wonderful husband, Tom, and their greatest gift in life, their precious daughter, Mira.

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