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People say such nice things...

"As a retired licensed psychologist, I am currently supervising a group of psychiatrists and other professional counselors, therapists and coaches, such as Gina Graves. They are learning and applying useful insights from the field of relational psychotherapy which, unfortunately, have not been available to them. Gina has been a most eager student and I see her as an unusually talented and gifted Transformational Coach."

~Dr. John Snyder, psychotherapist and author of Flying Lessons: The Psychology of Intimacy and Anxiety and Overcoming Depression without Drugs.

"Occasionally you meet someone who seems to have a greater understanding of the way the world is interconnected because they themselves seem to operate at a different frequency. For me, that person is Gina Graves. In the many years I have known her, she has never failed to surprise me with her ability to listen, reflect, discuss and clarify any life situation I happen to be going through. She is someone who thoughtfully considers situations and effortlessly reaches depths of understanding that constantly surprise me. She seems to often realize how I am feeling before I am able to articulate it myself and has, on many occasions, seen my path more clearly than I, always encouraging and exploring with me every step of the way. In fully realizing myself as an artist, I have experienced levels and periods of self-doubt, perfectionism and situations that challenge my introverted nature. Gina has always helped me navigate these issues with a strong compass of support, encouragement, compassion, and on occasion, a much needed reality check. She is truly gifted and one of the most authentic individuals I have ever known."

~ Leah Wells, artist

"Gina possesses uncanny intuition and wisdom beyond her years, which makes for an amazing coach. Being a super-talented musician, she understands creatives, and helps artists navigate the inevitable emotional roller-coasters on their journey. She listens with empathy but has the courage to challenge a stubborn woman to take a deeper look inside. She has supported me through tragedy, encouraged me through doubt, and celebrated my successes, fiercely as a best friend. I’ve grown intellectually and spiritually through her guidance, and I’m certain I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. I’m grateful to have her in my life."
~Mary D.,  author

"Gina was one of the most encouraging coaches I have ever had yet always truthful about her own convictions. She was helpful in providing advice at a critical time of my life. It certainly helped me prepare for my college career in music. I thank Gina for being such an insightful and gracious coach, teacher and friend. Gina was a light and source of wisdom at a time when a young musician needed it the most."

~Leonardo Le San


Co-Founder of The New Music of the Americas

"Gina is a non-judgemental innovator whose passion is helping others to be their better selves."
~Jack C., singer

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