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 CONGRATULATIONS on taking this BRAVE step onto Your Beautiful Path, which will prove to be one of THE BEST decisions of your life. I simply CANNOT WAIT to meet beautiful wonderful you!!! 

First Step:

Hop on over to the Facebook Group and introduce yourself. A BIG part of the reason this workshop is not free is because I ONLY wanted those who are serious about transformation to be part of the group. It is PRIVATE, and it is a JUDGEMENT FREE zone. We are here to encourage and support one another.

In our lives, people have so many expectations of us-who we need to be for THEM. This is an opportunity for you to be who YOU want to be. The more of OUR TRUE SELVES we can be, the happier we are. This is a place where you can practice being your authentic self. Strange we live in a world where we have to practice that. Oh, but we do...!!!

So yes, tell the group who you are and why you are here. And then please please please comment on each other's posts so that each and every person feels welcomed. We're in this together! I know, I know-introverts avoid other people. But this is different because rather than STEALING your energy, engaging with others of the same ilk-with those who actually understand you-will GIVE you energy. Alright-see you there!



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